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EntoKitchen® has been created to fill the growing need and market for edible insects.

Why insects? It's simple; insects have the ability to reduce the environmental impact of our diet. Insects are a great protein source and are packed full of nutrients.
They are already considered a delicacy around the world and the taste differs greatly from species to species.
Mealworms are versatile, they can be roasted, fried, baked or simply added to a dish as a garnish.

Mealworm Chocolate Brownie Mix

A delicious Chocolate Brownie Mix containing Chocolate Chips, rich cocoa & of course our amazing edible Mealworms to give a chocolaty protein-packed treat to tickle the senses. Just add: 2 small eggs & 75g of butter.Jar size: 0.5 litreMakes approx: 6″ tin. Instructions: Line a 6” square baking tin Preheat oven to /18OC/160C fan/Gas 4 / 350F. Pour the contents of the...
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We didn't want to just sell our edible insects, our aim is to make them easier to adopt into day to day cooking, with healthy recipes & alternative treats.

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